Introduction To Green Tea

We at Green Tea Guru – naturally – love tea. Indeed, after just water, tea is the world’s most widely consumed beverage, so there are clearly many people around the world who also love tea. Tea is enjoyed by many people for its cooling and slightly bitter flavour and is also known to have many particular health benefits. Below, we reveal more about what you can benefit from thanks to tea purchased from Green Tea Guru.

Introducing… green tea

Unsurprisingly given our name, we at Green Tea Guru stock an impressive range of green teas. Green tea is, like many other types of tea, made from leaves of the plant ‘camellia sinensis’. However, processing of green tea involves the leaves being subjected to minimal oxidation.

Recent studies suggest that health benefits of green tea could include helping to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer, promoting oral health, helping with weight control and lowering blood pressure. In a recent Journal of the American College of Nutrition review of the beneficial effects of green tea, the tea was described as having “anti-fibrotic properties, and neuroprotective power”.

Introducing… loose tea

We specialise in offering loose teas and ensure that we stock a large variety of these teas. Indeed, loose tea has many unique benefits for people who buy and use it. Loose tea is so-called because the tea leaves are packaged loosely in the container in which they are sold.

Because someone who buys loose tea must, unlike someone who buys non-loose tea, individually measure it to use it in a cup, mug or teapot, this person can more easily control the flavour and strength of the tea that they will drink. Loose tea can be brewed especially effectively with use of a gaiwan, a Chinese lidded bowl that is used for infusing tea leaves and consuming tea.

There are many different teas on offer from Green Tea Guru

We have had a lot of fun and excitement trying lots of different teas to discern which of them we should offer you through Green Tea Guru. We think that you could also have a lot of fun and excitement trying many of our offering of many varying flavours of loose tea, which are far from the conventional low grade supermarket shelf types of tea. We hope that you enjoy these flavours – and the many health benefits of loose tea that we offer!