Black Tea

Being heavily oxidised, Black tea is darker but offer a wider spectrum of flavours than you may think. They can be very robust and complex or offer more lighter floral characters. What we call Black tea in the west, is actually called Red tea in the east (Hong Cha). When a green tea can loose its flavour heavily after a year, a black tea will go on to evolve further nuances and mature with sharper flavours rounding off. In most cases will be good to drink for five years before going stale. Typically, general tea bags contain lowest grade ‘Fannings’ , chop or tea dust that create an extremely bitter and astringent brew that only milk can die down. The Black teas we offer are a world away! Along with health benefits associated with other teas, Black teas have also been shown in studies to be great for prevention of cardio vascular issues and weight loss.

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