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19th February 2018
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sultan grade hojari
sultan grade hojari
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2017 Royal Sultan Grade Hojari Frankincense


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The rarest and most pure frankincense on the planet!

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Extremely hard to source the ‘Royal Sultan Grade’ Hojari is the rarest and most sought after Frankincense on the planet being less than 1% of Frankincense tappings. Royal Green Hojari is even further graded into ultra high clarity, colour and size, Our Sultan grade hojari is almost completely comprised of large / very large tears. This grade has an unmistakable greenish blue hue. The aroma is incredibly pure and intense citrus / eucalyptus fragrance. We only managed to source 800g of this amazing Hojari.¬†Hojari Frankincense is a resin only tapped from the boswellia sacra tree’s of Oman and as well as being a pure incense used for burning is also widely used medicinally for thousands of years. If chewed you may notice a stimulating alertness.

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