xiaguan Jia Ji
2005 Xiaguan ‘Jia Ji’ Raw Puerh Tuo (Guangdong Storage)
18th October 2017
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Spring 2017 High Mnt ‘Ali Shan’ Taiwanese Oolong
20th October 2017
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2005 Xiaguan ‘Te Ji’ Raw Puerh Tuo (Guangdong Storage)


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Aged 12 years in Guangdong this tuo comes in at a great price!

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‘Xiaguan’ is most likely the 2nd most famous Puerh factory in Yunnan after the Menghai Tea Factory (Dayi). This ‘Te Ji’ tuo is a faily newer arrival to the Xiaguan brand, production started in 2003. When new this cute little boxed tuo would have tasted anything but cute! Starting out life full of force, brash and shouty they have been transformed with 12 years of guangdong aging.

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100g cake, 10g

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