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11th September 2017
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15th September 2017
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2013 ‘Error 404′ Ya Nuo Spring Gushu Raw Puerh Tea Cake (250g)


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Silky smooth texture with subtle sweet notes and herbal aftertaste!

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Still Available Via GTG Puerh Sample Pack

This cake comprises of spring Gushu material (trees around 300 years old) from Ya Nuo village area (Youle, Xishuangbanna). the tea takes around 3 infusions to fully get going. some bitterness can be noticed early on, This turns to sweetness and a long herbal aftertaste in later infusions. The texture is very silky through out.

All wrappers are airbrushed using food grade paint. All cakes are numbered 1-9. Is there a number you would like? leave us a comment on your order and we will send you it if available!

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250g cake, 50g, 100g, 25g

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