Yunnan Sourcing 2016 ‘Han Gu Di’ Old Arbor Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake
10th March 2017
2001 tuo
2001 Gu Pu’er ‘Yin Hao Tuo’ Raw Puerh 50g Tuo
3rd August 2017
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band dong
band dong

2015 Autumn ‘Bang Dong Village’ Raw Pu Erh Tea Cake


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100-150 year trees. Clean broth, sweet nutty taste.

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This tea is from a single estate familly area in Bang Dong Village, Mengku County. The trees are between 100-150 years old. Compression of the cake is medium to loose and the leafs are large and deep olive green in colour.

Quite a straight forward offering from YS. Bitterness levels are very tolerable, you can push out longer for more. An overall sweet nutty charactor on the front and finish. The texture is medium bodied and has a cooling and lubricating mouth feel after drinking. By round 3 the tea opens up with more depth and you will notice a similarity to Mengku Wild Arbor King, I would call it a more refined Autumnal version!

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400g Cake, 100g, 25g

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