2016 Yunnan Sourcing ‘Spring’ Da Qing Gu Shu’ Raw Pu-erh Tea Cake
13th April 2018
2006 Yang Pin Hao ‘8336’ Raw Puerh Cake (Wetter Storage)
13th April 2018
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2017 Haiwan ‘Good Tea For Everyone’ Raw Pu erh Tea Cake


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A tidy blend of Menghai, Ba Da, Pa Sha & Bu Lang.

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We’re very happy with this new offering by the Haiwan Tea Factory. The present director of Haiwan Mr Zhou Bing Liang saw nearly two decades at the helm of Dayi’s (Menghai Tea Factory) processing dept. This blend of high quality Menghai, Pasha, Bu Lang and Ba Da material is a premium cake from Haiwan and offers for a pleasingly complex tea. It’s a young blend that isn’t all ‘in ya face’ and unpalletable, Haiwan has done a great job of making this a tea you can drink now and into the future. The tea is fairly powerful with vegetive notes and long vegetive aftertaste. Although this is a strong tea there is a smooth nature to it as well. We believe this blend is great to drink now and full of future promise!

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