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18th November 2017
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30th November 2017
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2017 Lincang ‘Huangpian’ Raw Puerh

4.00 out of 5
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The ‘ungrade-able’ leaf that is usually kept back and drunk by tea farmers.

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‘Huangpian’ is a leaf grade that is usually kept back and drunk by tea farmers. It is seen as unfit to add to most Raw tea blends but finds itself in the mix with some. In some cases you may find a leaf Huangpian leaf adorning the front of a cake as decoration. The leaf itself is a much lighter shade of green. The tea has some charactoristist associated with ‘Green’ tea. A green aroma of deep chestnut, simialar to a Longjing Green. This tea in 2017 is powerfull with strong bitterness which may fold into sweetness in the long term…we’re unsure! This offering is of 2017 Spring, mixed terrace & Da Shu material from Dachso Mountain, Yun County, Lincang.

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1 review for 2017 Lincang ‘Huangpian’ Raw Puerh

  1. Joel
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    This is good tea – surprisingly good considering Mr Guru’s very restrained reviews. I brewed about 4g of this Huangpian in a gaiwan this morning and continued to re-infuse it all day with, if anything, increasing enjoyment. It has the chestnut, umami ‘notes’ described here, but also a respectable measure of classic sheng puer flavour, with the refined sweetness expected in a Huangpian. I didn’t find it at all bitter, but it has a pleasant astringency. It is sweet, moderately thick in the mouth, leaves a pleasant huigan, and has gentle chaqi. I hate to use the tired old phrase “daily drinker”, but, there you are. The only very minor criticism is that it seems to be very tightly pressed. I think it may have good aging potential, but would probably benefit from the brick being broken-up in order to expedite the aging process. I bought a sample size last week and have returned for the full brick.

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