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Spring 2017 High Mnt ‘Ali Shan’ Taiwanese Oolong
20th October 2017
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Spring 2017 Taiwanese ‘Sun Moon Lake’ Assam Black
22nd October 2017
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90’s Loose Raw Puerh

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Experience what an aged puerh tea is all about!

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We were very lucky to stumble across and source this fine example of a 90’s Raw Puerh tea. all that remained was 3kg and we took the lot. This tea has apparently been resting in Kunming until 2011 and then Gungdong until Oct 2017. The wash is clean with no signs of wet storage. The brew is very deep, very dark and surpases 25 infusions with ease. You will notice sweetness, aged taste and general dark Ripe Puerh charactoristics coupled with a medicinal aged taste. There still is some bitterness apparent along side a satisfying energy within the tea. The slight Guandong aging would have helped push this tea along somewhat but comparing against previous tastings of aged raw i have had, i would suggest that this example is most likely 1995 or before. This loose raw was prepared at a time when ‘single estate’ and ‘gushu’ teas weren’t really a thing. The material could well be from a single area or blend and most likely contains ‘old tree’ and ‘gushu’ material within.

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1 review for 90’s Loose Raw Puerh

  1. Klaus
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Oh, this is a fantastic find! I gave it two quick rinses and am now on infusion 10 with probably quite a few more to come. Rich, earthy, sweet with dark chocolate and a very viscous liquor. Highly recommended!

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