2017 Spring Yunnan ‘Bi Lou Chun’ Black Tea
8th October 2017
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2005 Xiaguan ‘Te Ji’ Raw Puerh Tuo (Guangdong Storage)
18th October 2017
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Spring 2017 Taiwanese Dong Ding Oolong ‘Guru Standard Grade’


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Complex honey roasted & mineral notes capturing the signiture ‘Dong Ding’ flavour!

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A ‘Guru Standard Tea ‘ indicates a moderate level of what a certain tea should taste like at a good price.

Great results either ‘Gong Fu’ or big ‘teapot style’, doesnt go bitter!

Beware of imitations! This Oolong is usually counterfeited! Chinese oolong is often offered as Dong Ding. Dong Ding has a signiture flavour that is quite hard to put into words. This ‘Standard Grade’ is 900m altitude Dong Ding material. Its smoother, sweeter and has more of a ‘Dong Ding’ taste. Processing (roasting of the leaves) means this tea will last on your tea shelf and retain its taste longer than any green Oolong. Similar to our Heavy Roast Dong Ding but with less processing means more of the leaves original charactor is in tact, this offering leans more toward the traditional style of Dong Ding Oolong. The taste is fresh with light honey roasted notes and signiture Dong Ding flavour! You should be able to reach at least ten infusions with sweetness and flavour carrying on through. We recommend short 5 second infusions to start. Hand picked from DD area, the tea retains the stalks which add to the complexity. Sourced from a trusty Taiwanese vendor in Guangdong. A good DD at a great price!

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