2006 CNNP ‘Jujube Aroma’ Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick
6th November 2017
Artisan Ylang Ylang Oil Incense Sticks
15th November 2017
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2009 Menghai ‘7562’ Ripe Pu erh brick


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Batch ‘902’. A great tea from the famous Menghai tea factory. It has a very sweet and creamy taste.


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Today, the Menghai Dayi tea factory is the largest Pu Erh operation in Yunnan and maintains a solid reputation for its products. Menghai Dayi were the first to master and release Ripe Pu erh products.  Menghai is considered the bench mark on which other ripe Pu erhs are judged. Unfortunately it is also this company that is the target for mass counterfeit operations, with whole factories dedicated to producing fake Menghai Dayi tea cakes and bricks.
7562 unlocking the code:
In the Pre privatisation days the Menghai Tea Factory AKA (Dayi/TaeTea) was part of the CNNP group of national tea factories. All tea recipes under this group were not given names, just a code. The code may seem boring and uninteresting but it will actually give you an in depth idea about the tea cake!
75 signifies the year this recipe was first released
6 signifies the average grade of leaves (Puerh grades from 1-9, 1 being tippy buds through to 9 big course leaves)
2 signifies the factory in Menghai
It is advised to only buy Menghai tea from well referred or trusted vendors to ensure your getting the genuine article.
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250g Brick, 100g, 25g



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